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NO STICKERS: 5000 stickers for London Underground stations and trains. When British Transport Police moved to criminalise begging, signs appeared all over London Underground saying "No Begging - Penalty £200”. This raised the obvious question of how could a homeless person ever afford to pay a £200 fine? To highlight this Kafka-esque situation, we created a series of equally absurd rules that looked identical to the official ones, and placed them all over London Underground stations and trains

PRESS: BBC News / BBC America / The Telegraph / The Mirror / The Sun / The Evening Standard / Loaded Magazine / Art - Das Kunstmagazin / The Poke / IdN - International Designers Network / Secret London / Cheezburger / Wooster Collective / BuzzFeed

PUBLICATIONS: Stickers2 / IdN Profile: Design in Contempt - The Funnies in Design

AWARDS: 1st Prize - International Sticker Awards 2007

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