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NOTHING ON THE INTERNET - A Chrome extension that makes the entire internet disappear right in front of your eyes. Welcome to the most interesting thing on the internet: Nothing. A simple extension that allows you to watch the entire internet disappear. With the simple click of a button, witness all the noise and clutter that occupies so much of our “busy” lives, that feeds our deepest fears and shallowest desires, witness it all vanish in an instant. Clean, pure and serene ... the internet devoid of any content. This is what you have been browsing for all these years. This is the antidote. And this is our gift to you: Nothing on the Internet.

PRESS: Fast Co Design / Etapes / CNet / Life Hacker / Product Hunt / Creative Boom / 100 Shiki / Tec Mundo / Apartment Therapy / Forta / Tech2 / Hurriyet Newspaper / Good Kin / Smart News / Nitro News / Chip Online / Google Newsstand / Information Technology Breaking News / AV Club / MSN News / Lovie Award Winner / Lovie People’s Choice Award / Webby Award Honoree

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