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THE EQUAL TYPEFACE "Equal" is a typeface where each character occupies the same surface area of ink. The area of each letter was calculated by developing a piece of software that counted the number of pixels each character occupied on a screen, and then adjusted the thickness of each letter until they all used the same number of pixels. The typography illustrates that equality does not mean harmony nor balance - especially when it is enforced blindly on a mixed society, overlooking different peoples needs and expectations. 

This font was originally created for The Big Weekend Symposium about equality at the DeBalie Cultural Center in Amsterdam, and a series of conferences.

PRESS: DesignBoom / Typography Daily / MediaMatic / Colher Design / DesignLoco / INkFest

CREDITS: Client: De Balie Cultural Center / Design: Isabel Lucena / Software: Jan van Bruggen / Coordination: Martin Engelbregt

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