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SCORES OUT OF TEN was a commission by Klebstoff Magazine where people could evaluate things on a scale of ten.

Giving something a score out of ten is not as easy as it sounds. Online we anonymously cast our opinions by rating what we see with the simple click of a mouse. Yet this is a passive activity, intangible and ultimately unsatisfying: results are either limited to “like” and “dislike” or are aggregated to give an “average” score, and your individual opinion is lost in the midst of hundreds, thousands, sometimes millions of others. 

Out in the real world, rating things is very much an active task. In giving something a score out of ten, you are publicly stating your opinion - what you think. People may agree or disagree with your score. But it is your opinion, final and decisive. There is no “average score” to hide behind. In a world that is increasingly measured by what “most people” think, this project investigates people’s individual opinions, and provides a platform for those ideas to be seen and heard. Be they 4/10 or 10/10. Try it out for yourself, and post the photos at

This project was created with the generous support of: The International Sticker Award Program / Wildsmile Studios Dresden / Klebstoff Magazine.

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