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NOTHING IN THE NEWS: Newspapers from around the world with nothing in them.

We live in a world of constant sensory overload. 24 hours a day we are bombarded with information in real time by every media outlet and platform competing for our attention, one pop-up notification at a time.
And we play ball. We invest hours on end staring at our mobile devices. We want to know what’s going on, the why and the how. We need to know. But in our perpetual quest to fill every spare minute of our time searching for something meaningful, we learn nothing. We are so busy filling every waking moment with things to watch and do, and learn and listen to, that we have forgotten what it is like to just be. To sit around and think. To switch off and be bored. To daydream.
This project offers a little respite to all this information overload.
Yes, we live in particularly sensitive times. Times where the truth really matters, and where newspapers have a more important role to play in modern democracies than ever before. But for a society addicted to breaking news, gossip, and celebrity status, to Facestagram and Twapchat, the latest trends, and the top tens, to sports punditry, conspiracy theories, cat videos, and ridiculous amounts of porn ... for this cultural precipice, we offer the one thing you need more than anything else: “Nothing”. Absolutely nothing. Today, and today only, there is Nothing in the News. Enjoy it whilst you can.

EXHIBITIONS: Beacon Sacramento / STET Lisbon / Usdan Gallery / OFFSET Dublin / GRID: Grafisch Museum Groningen / Overload: Gdynia Design Week / Blank. Raw. Unprinted: Weserburg Museum / Blank. Raw. Unprinted: Leopold Hoesch Museum 

PRESS: DesignBoom / Fast Company / Design Week / Stylist / PSFK / Insp. Magazine / MagCulture / iGnant / We Heart / Art & Aesthetics / Plain Magazine / Creative Boom / Haus Magazine / Gessato / Collateral / Trendland / Curiosismo / The Jealous Curator / A Day Magazine / HK01 / Media Vor / Konbini / Truth Well Described / Trouge / L'ADN / Kot Sifir / Label Magazine / Etapes Magazine / Pyramid / Owdin / Konbini / FGUK / 22 Colors / A News / Valida Chile / Trouge / APAR TV / Newspaper Club / Fubiz / Design is Kinky / Bird in Flight / Osso Magazine / Design Taxi / Art Hub Magazine / Fubiz / World of Wonder / PPW / La Vie Magazine / Zik / Stack Magazines / Cover Junkie / Trendhunter / Pics in Pics / Basque Design Museum / The Chronicle / School Arts Magazine / Frizzi Frizzi / Print is not Dead / KK Outlet / Design Feeds / Qulture / T Journal / 365 Magazine / OK Russia / Ukraine Art News / Radar: Pagina12 / Newfound Journal of Visual Arts / Be Inspired / Tokyo Design Week / Le Matin / Hypeness / Falter / Süddeutsche Zeitung / Elephant Magazine

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