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BOTTLE OF WINE: Kodak Film sponsored this music video for the cult band PIGEON HORSE SEX TENNIS in which the artist gets slapped over 100 times in one continuous take (for real!). As the song progresses he gets slapped faster and faster, harder and harder, culminating in an explosive finale.


OFFICIAL SELECTION: Ann Arbor Film Festival 2010 / Rushes Soho Film Festival 2009 / London Independent Film Festival 2009 / Shoot Me: Dutch Music Video Festival 2009 / Reel Islington Film Festival 2009 / Naples Film Festival 2008 / Bornshorts 2008 / Radar Picks 2008 / Shots Cut N’ Paste 2008

PRESS: BulletFilm / Shots / Radar / B3TA

CREDITS: Artist: Rick Chant of PHST / Director: Joseph Ernst / Producer: Neil Henry / DOP: Michael Monteiro

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