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NOTICE ME: A collaboration with homeless charity CRISIS and the V&A Museum in London to highlight how the homeless are becoming increasingly invisible and ignored in the capital. We asked people begging on the street to select one of 100 signs that best described how they were feeling, and documented what happens when they held the sign up. This project is due to be presented as a public outdoor exhibition of large scale posters on the streets and underpass in the vicinity of the Museum.

The series highlights the current public attitude towards homelessness, and documents our reactions - or lack of - towards the homeless. This is something we are all guilty of, but the aim was to humanise the problem rather than stigmatise it. To hold up a mirror and get people to re-evaluate their behaviour and their attitudes towards homelessness, without being judgmental. This is a small selection of the people who participated.

CREDITS: Photography: Tom Craig / Creative Direction: Joseph Ernst

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